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Bombay Groovy - Odyssey

What caught my eye about this band was their sales pitch on Bandcamp.

"Instrumental group consisting of Sitar, Hammond Organ and Drums. Hermits in a quest to align East and West in a psychedelic, experimental, funky, heavy and transcendental mix!" This was enough to make me go check out the music.

Formed in São Paulo in 2012 this tree piece made up of Sitar, Hammond Organ and Drums self released two albums and a single in digital form. Now Greek Label "Cosmic Eye" have essentially collected them all in one place in this compilation.

First track "Le Bateau d'Orpheu" pretty much lays out the stall. Lead Sitar flowing in to a Theremin and Hammond solo backed by hard hitting syncopated drums. It gets to the point and never out stays its welcome. Second track "Paul's Funky Cab" ups the funk quota

Beyond their pitch There are other influences on show and happening here and throughout album. From Miles Davis Sketches of Spain vibe on third track "Bolero de Lilith" to Hard Funk. This could easily have slipped in to type of bland lounge music heard in background of exclusive restaurants or dinner parties but the Drumming is hard hitting and this forces music into much more interesting spaces and twists it into different shapes.

Like all Instrumental bands they work hard at making every track work as stand alone rather than blurring into one background soundtrack. It is an album to play on long car journeys. Interesting enough to hold your attention but not to intrusive to make you break speed limit.

This starts of as strong collection and although it does run out of steam towards end. Its not for everyone but I really enjoyed it. The nearest comparison i can draw is it brings to mind the Beastie Boy's instrumental albums if Ananda Shankar dropped in for a jam.




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