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Bright Curse - Time of the Healer

Bright Curse a London based band first caught my attention with the release of debut album Before The Shore way back in 2016 on Hevisike Records. It was dark hypnotic psych with melody bursting from the grooves.

Unfortunately with the sad demise of Hevisike it appeared Bright Curse vanished from face of planet. They have emerged from hibernation with a new album via the amazing Ripple Music.

Time of the Healer is first packaged in gorgeous sleeve art that looks very psych. On the music within, Frontman/Guitarist Romain Daut says, “It’s a come-back to a doomier version of Bright Curse, more like the first EP. The songs are a bit longer and more developed, each relates a story, and all of them work together to create some kind of tale"

So how is it? First let me say you don't hear many albums that start with a Peruvian Flute solo!!! The first track Smoke of the Past gets to do this before being standard stoner/doom track, quiet loud, fuzzy solo all standard sounds albeit done with serious panache.

Its track two Laura that things become wildly interesting indeed. It starts with a sample that U.K. listeners of certain age will know, The London Weekend Television jingle!!!! What is going on here?

The vocal melody is approached from a pretty left field approach that immediacy slips in to a muted trumpet riff and massive chorus. The guitars are angular as opposed to riffing and this keeps your attention before a muted trumpet solo! WHO DOES THAT?

it is a stunning piece of music and had me smiling from ear to ear.

The next track along Une Virée sounds like it was beamed in from a cult french movie with killer jazz band and french poetry. Again a left field bit of genius and as shortest track on album an almost intermission piece in what feels like a album made for vinyl

Side B if you like, starts with Shadows a mellow vibe starting another long piece before the fuzzy riff kicks in. Here the melody vocal lines are the star of the show . It is nothing short of gorgeous and the playing is sublime before a excellent bit of guitar dueling interplay and the heaviest moment on album hits home.

The Album wraps up with title track Time of the Healer on surface feels like the most trad in terms of doom/Stoner tropes of all tracks but vocal melody again sets it apart. It motors along before peeling back to again allow the Muted Trumpet to dance around drums and bass and then play harmony with guitar before explosion of loud playing...and that seems to be it....

except its not....

a almost tribal background music is here to pull the listener further into the oddness embedded in the grooves of this album and takes a deep breath before the song goes back to its guitar heavy conclusion .

Almost instantly I needed to play this again, If your looking for heavy riffs and doom this may not be for you but hand on heart you will not hear a more unique approach to this kind of music this year or probably for any year for foreseeable future.

An album stuffed with odd samples, Great Vocal melody, angular playing and (How I love this) a muted trumpet it works for me on every level. A stunning collection of music.


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