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Bus - Never Decide

Another band emerging from Greece. I was aware of the name but didn't pay much attention. In an overcrowded field a name like bus won't catch the eye. However after releasing debut on Twin Earth records and a lot of digital e.p.s on Bandcamp a move to Riding Easy Records made me look again.

The first thing that struck me were the Vocals of excellently named Bill City. They sounded like something I couldn't quire place my finger on. Not the norm for stoner bands. A little bit of Salem's Pot or a less high pitch King Diamond. It took to track tree "I buried Paul" for me to hear the spirit of old school Alice Cooper (The band as opposed to the man) running through these songs albeit given a new coat of paint to harden up sound. This is a very good thing indeed. This track in particular could have sat comfortably on Love it to Death or Killer.

Musically this falls in to the fuzzed up stoner metal field but when they let fly there are twin guitars of aforementioned Bill City and John Tsesmetzis gallop at a pace that that wander in to N.W.O.B.H.M. territory especially Maiden's sound. Normally that is the type of stuff I avoid like the plague (way to trad for my personal tastes) but it is executed so expertly here that it works plus it only appears in flashes and does not over stay its welcome.

Overall the album walks the occult rock path (Lyrically) and musically it changes pace, twits, turns, and enough interesting ideas to warrant repeated listens. In other words it is a grower.

I really like this album and am pretty excited to see how they develop. As it stands they are still finding their path and If they can give themselves over even more to the sound of Uncle Alice we could be looking at contenders to break through to sort of success enjoyed by Ghost.

Either way "I buried Paul" is one of my tracks of the year so far

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