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Candlemass - Door to Doom

Candlemass stand as one of, if not founders of Doom Metal scene then its most Loyal keepers of traditional Doom flame. It's is no secret that main man and song writer Leif Edling has had health issues over a period of time. Also Candlemass as a band have had few lean years with good to not so good releases. The departure of Messiah Marcolin, aborted reunions and the Legacy of that classic era of the band hung heavier on them than one of Messiah's Monk's Cowel.

Cndlemass split up and reformed. Singers came and went. The last singer Mats Leven, despite being almost 6 years at front only manged to appear on two e.p.s. Leif Edling seemed more interested in other projects like Avatarium . So how could Candlemass come back from grave. The answer was so obvious it is a surprise they had not thought of it earlier.

Bring back original singer Johan Längqvist who had sang on the seminal "Epicus Doomicus Metallicus"

So new album "The Door to Doom" had a lot of anticipation buzzing around it before it was released. Candlemass have not updated sound one iota or dabbled in experiments with different textures They haven't wrote about social issues. . No always sabbath's most ardent students Candlemass have turned back the clock and delivered the most traditional of Doom albums, albeit one that crackles with energy and heaviness.

Opening Track "Splendor, Demon, Majesty" sets out their stall with a wall of feedback and they are off by doom standards like a greyhound out of the traps. As soon as Johan Längqvist starts singing it all feels right. His voice has gained gravitas in preceding years and it is like he's never been away. from there on in its molasses thick riffs and snails pace Doom which is exactly what we want to hear from them.

The much heralded appearance by Toni Iommi playing a solo on what passes for a ballad "Astorolus - The Great Octopus" neither adds or detracts from overall sound but is nice a nod between Master and one time apprentices of mutual appreciation. So it continues. The titles of the songs " Bridge of the Blind" Black Trinity" "The Omega Circle" let you know you are getting.

Candlemass are not reinventing the wheel, and why should they when they can and do this music so well. Almost an hour of highest quality Doom. It has everything from aforementioned Riffs to creepy organ to stunning vocals. The title track even features a tolling church bell. What more could a Doom Hound ask for?

To call this a return to form or epic is to sell it short. It was more akin to a rebirth.

I for one say Welcome back to the Masters of |Doom

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