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Crypt Trip - Haze County

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

This other little band from Texas started as a decent doom influenced rock band. Going the Bandcamp Route and self releasing debut. As with every other band walking this musical path the Sabbath influences were to the fore, fuzz drenched songs that were very good but in a over saturated scene it became lost in the shuffle. They have slowly and steadily evolved over course of five years into a much more promising prospect. They have outgrown the scene they spawned them and they have out grown their name

Their were signs with last release Rootstock of more southern rock influences sneaking in. This has bloomed on latest release Haze County in to an album that caught me of guard and equally delighted Me on first listen.

As I said the last album showed sprinkles of The James Gang flavor with tracks like " Boogie no.6" Now they have given this side of music full reign. Also bringing in influences of the Allman Brothers and Country Rock through the prism of Flying Burrito and The latter day Byrds.

The album starts with a two minute instrumental that could have been lifted from " Sweetheart of the Rodeo" before sliding effortlessly in to Southern Rock mode for most of album.

They may have embraced their roots and shred any semblance of Doom from their music there is definitely quite moments here but that doesn't mean they have stopped rocking. This album is exuding an almost physical energy from every groove. When they let fly with the guitars they really rock.

I recommend this to a friend who listened to it cold with no prior knowledge of them. His first impression was he heard Dinosaur Jr. guitar tones. On re-spinning it I heard it too. So it's also an album that reveals itself more with every repetition.

This album could not be more 1973 if it tried. From the album cover . Three denim draped hippies on vintage bikes on open country road, to the font of bands name. The Closing Track " Gotta get away" features a drum solo. Whens the last time you heard that? This is an album that should easily be on any top ten list at end of year. It's not one you will play for few weeks then put on shelf and forget about. It's one I personally will play for years to come. It swings with a looseness rarely heard on over perfect, over produced albums. What it sounds like is a band actually playing in a room together

It's all of this and more It's one great track after another.

When it's boiled down this is the glorious sound of a band doing what they truly love, It's the joy of these musicians firing on all cylinders and through that finding their own voice.....

.......what can be better than that.

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