• Bobo Coen

Dr. Awkward And The Screws - Gettin' out of Style

First off I need to say This Greek band have the best name I've heard since Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. It made me laugh and go out of mt way to check them out which is the point.

Based in Athens they describe their music as heavy blues but don't let the dreaded Blues Rock tag put you off or give you the idea this is some plodding bar band, far from it.

I would say there are elements of that in the music but this is closer to a Five Horse Johnson or Midnight Ghost Train than the blandness of Joe Bonamassa or the seaside postcard smut of Whitesnake.

It's not sophisticated or pretty but it doesn't need to be. It's got dirt under it's fingernails It moves a fair lick. Only slowing down to purer blues vibe on last track "Counting". Other than that It's just a good time all the time record . Bass Plver Greg also sings and his Vocals are just the right side of swallowing gravel for breakfast. The 70's retro vibe is very popular at moment and for me that's no bad thing. It's music stripped of any pretension and it's only concern is playing loud This album has enough twists and turns to make it highly listenable but this is music for dancing to and for smashing down a cold beer down.

The songs don't outstay their welcome. The longest track "spellbound" clocking in at 7 minutes which is hardly a marathon by today's standards. It delivers what you want from this music. Guitars that rip, killer solos and enough heaviness to make cranking the volume worth while.

This is their Debut album being self released bandcamp. It should be mentioned Billocation Records in Europe are also planning on stocking it in physical format but is a case of getting over to band's bandcamp page if you fancy adding this to your collection.

I don't know a lot about this band or what they will be doing as far as touring and gigs but I could see this band gigging with say Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovel and going down a storm.

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