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Gorilla - Treecreeper 

Hastings a town south of London known for a mighty big punch up at Tavern Chucking out time circa 1066 and infamous last words (possibly) of King Harold " Watch that Fucker! He will have someone's eye out"

It has another less known but equally noisy claim to fame in form of long standing bruisers Johnny Gorilla (Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica), Sarah Jane (Bass) and Ryan Matthews (Drums, Backing Vocals) Gorilla. Their latest album (Out on Heavy Psych Sounds) "Treecreeper" (a is a filthy sounding Loud, obnoxious Rock 'n' Roll record.

If your idea of Rock 'n' Roll is Tyler Brant and piss poor bar band or Black Stone Cherry then this is not band for you. Fuck of back to reading Classic Rock (who incidentally hate this album) and let them try and convince you the Temperance Movement or the Struts are great. (Spoiler Alert: they are insipid, uninspired shite)

On the other hand if you are of the mindset the hard bit of hard rock and volume are virtues come along for the trip.

Gorilla set out stall straight away with "Scum of the Earth" on previous albums the Who influence was heard. This is much harder sound sailing closer to Motorhead and it feels like natural progression rather than conscious decision. It's like having musical defibrillator turned on. If it don't get yer heart pumping...your probably dead.

"Cyclops" steps off gas a bit and is more in spirit of Ladbroke Grove '72 Hawkwind/Pink Faries moving from psych to Freak Out and back with ease.

"Gorilla Time Rock 'n' Roll" is even more straightforward in letting you know what the Bands attitude is. Plus it has harmonica Solo backed by hard but flexible rhythm section before pounding you in to submission.

The Title track " Treecreeper" is a real pleasant surprise. Gorilla show a more laid back side. Lyrically rejecting modern world for something more environmentally simple and chilled. However this band is like a coiled spring and when goes of in second half they explode in to a wall of noise and guitar solo Fast Eddie would be proud off before coming back to chilled vibe.

I could go through this album track by track but if you come this far you know what your getting.

What I genuinely love about this band is there jumping from the Grooves. That rare quality. Authenticity! This isn't a pose or a sound they have adopted. It's who they are. True believers that music like this should be wild, loud and have attitude. At time it feels like it's going to get away from them and fall apart but the pure skill of players pulls it back from ledge every time. It's a tight rope act that works because the chops and songwriting skill is top drawer.. It feels real and exciting! Yes exciting! Whens the last time you heard that on a record?

There are more riffs per song than most bands pack in an album. (Check out riff city "Mad Dog") The Bass and Drums are like dancing partners weaving around each other and bouncing all over these songs. It finishes up with Killer Gorilla....and that is about a perfect statement of intent and album closer as you could ask for.

This is music for quaffing ale in large quantity and for slapping your best mate on shoulder and trying to shout something incomprehensible in their ear over volume. It pairs away all the fancy bollox and gets down to the business of simply Rocking as hard as possible.

If they moved next Door your lawn may not Die but if you played it loud enough you might just kill the Neighbors! Plus if Classic Rock hate you your damn well doing something right!!!




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