• Bobo Coen

In These Murky Waters

What is in the Water in Sweden? The sheer amount of quality rock music that emerges from that country is staggering. Here is another new band from Stockholm. However this is a very different music than the stoner/retro rock we have come to expect from our Scandinavian cousins.

No Riffs, No guitars, No Drums, using only old replay keyboards like Optigans, Mellotrons, Chamberlins and Orchestration with vocals. Consisting of duo Ewik Rodell (Vocals) and Mittais Olsson (Instrumentation)

This is left field music in the best way. It has a chilled atmosphere with slightly trip hop vibe to it, and lyrics describing wonder of simple pleasures of walking in Central Park to Berlin Zoo to looking at fade photographs. I'm at a loss to hear any of their influences in any blatant form. Its love of analogue sounds is front and present, Its 50's vocal style is there. Maybe I need to get out more but I really haven't heard anything like this before. It is both retro and futuristic sounding at the same time. I could see this sound tracking a dark dystopian movie. The nearest comparison I can conjure is Dead can Dance and that's tenuous at best.

This music flows with a ease that belies the complexity of the songs. The only time it missteps was on the track "Carnival" which jarred with the atmosphere rest of the album.

This is music for the dying hours of the day or an early Sunday morning. It has lots going on in its grooves, a splash of electronic, Lush and rich but with a faded glamour, a yearning for less complicated times. Dark one song a burst of joyful sunshine the next one. Who this actually appeals to may be a point but a mute one .One thing is for sure like it or not (and I really do) you won't hear anything quite like it this year or probably anytime in near future

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