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King Buffalo - The Burden of Restlessness

New York State trio King Buffalo have been quietly and diligently chipping away at the coal face since 2013. Fiercely independent and single minded in their approach to making music and promoting it the old fashioned way by getting out and playing gigs. Building a reputation one release at a time one new fan at a time. Word of mouth has been their stock and trade and is now starting to reap benefits.

A selection of self released e.p.s and albums pushing their sound further and in interesting and unexpected directions

Last years mini album Dead Star was a mini classic with the epic tracks Red Star Pt.1 and Red Star Pt.2 delving deep in to an atmosphere of light and shade

This technique has been sharpened to almost perfection on their fourth full length album the Burden of Restlessness. The skill with which they apply tension and release within the space of one song is so defined it sets them far apart from their Stoner/Psych contemporaries.

No carbon copy Sabbath worship here. That's not to say this album hasn't got riffs. Its chock full of them and it approaches heavy in its own unique way. When The dam bursts and they release the tension it rocks hard. Straying closer to Tool than the usual Hawkwind/Floyd Tropes

Lyrically this is a dark album dealing with themes of wasted time and sleeplessness.

The loose concept held together with wonderful musicianship and low key but striking vocals. It is dense sonically in the best possible way. It reveals it's treasures on repeated plays.

Having to take a year of from the road which is their natural environment has allowed King Buffalo the space to write material and they have done that in spades. Not short on ambition this is first of three albums slated for release by King Buffalo this year with a second album due in three months time and a third three months after.

I am excited to hear what comes with album two and three of 2021 but right now six months in to a year where reality of lockdown is showing its effects on everyone's sanity and patience, this dark, beautiful, music is the crack of light that is needed.

King Buffalo have delivered their best album to date, A damn near masterpiece that has set the bar very high not only for themselves but for the listeners too. The ebb and flow takes you on a trip from start to finish. This is a band hitting their stride and displaying a confidence in their abilities and serving up an album that will stay with you for a long time after this year has gone.

An instant classic.





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