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Mount Hush/Deaf Proof - Split

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Split albums if you will excuse the pun can be by their very nature a game of two half's. You buy it to get new track or tracks by band you love and it's great and other band is rubbish or your band has just thrown track not good enough for album at it and they are both rubbish. It can also to allow a band to really stretch out and experiment. It can go either way. It's a risky prospect

When it came to this release I made what could have been a record collectors fatal mistake. I bought it because the vinyl was A) rare, 85 copies and B) a great color!!! I was aware of both bands names but other than that I was going in blind. Thankfully the music turned out to be wonderful.

Long one track, one side pieces of music have been popular ever since Sleep released the legendary "Dopesmoker" opus however it makes it difficult to do with enough skill so that it does not wander to close to prog territories or worse become boring. It is also a challenge to review as in this case it is more of a chill out experience rather than a doom barn burner.

If you already like this music you know what to expect. This is not always a bad thing.

So concerning this split It starts with German Psych band Hush Mountain whose out put so far consists off another split album with Italian psych band Atomic Mold. The track here "Interstellar Smoke" starts as you would expect chilled vocals and guitar and builds to crescendo and ebbs and flows back and forth like a wave on the ocean It then builds to loud layered guitars and vocals that struck me as being reminiscent of Pink Floyd at their most aggressive. There are moments of real weight to the music and heaviness in parts as it builds to over driven finale but also pulls of neat trick of being perfect sound track to hazy summer days. This type of exploration can easily slide in to a formulaic dirge but Hush Mount pull it off with aplomb. I can not wait to see what this band can do when given full album to experiment with their musical boundaries

So to B Side and Deaf Proof. Another German Psych Band with debut album under belts. This starts a bit more like standard song. Riff and peppered with percussion fills. It is a much heavier sound falling more in to doom territory. Lots of ride cymbal and open hi-hats. It has more of formal song structure. Loud, Quiet, Loud, Chorus. This is executed well and strikes right balance to between this and stretching it out to 20 minutes works as spacey guitar solos jostle for space with fuzz drenched bass and dirty rhythm guitar. So Although a much more traditional (and nosier) beast than A side they compliment each other well.

Overall this is a great pair of songs by two of Germany's upcoming bands but for my money Mount Hush win by a nose and are the one to keep an eye on

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