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Updated: Mar 14, 2019

You Can't have everything. Where would you put it? - Lemmy

Everywhere! - Me

As I continue my adventure in Record Collecting keeping track of what I bought or what's on order & where to put them when I finally get my greedy little hands on them


In other words the issues of storage & cataloging. Firstly Storage becomes an issue a lot quicker than you would think. If you mention this to anyone the standard question is "Why don't you buy CDs they don't take up as much space?" After I look at them in horror & scream "BLASPHEMER!!!!"  I usually ax murder them & bury the remains in a unmarked grave.....ha ha Only joking...

...or am I?

O.K. second part isn't true, apparently "They told me to buy CDs & they probably had s**t taste in music" wouldn't  stand up in court.

So storage is something that has to be dealt with sooner rather than later . In my mind I have perfect Vinyl Rack designed to replicate the Record Store Experience but not being a Lotto winner or in fact even a raffle winner this is an unrealistic option

I have quite a modest collection (just over 1375) This may sound huge to non record collectors but If you take in to account The Late John Peel had   more than 100,000 vinyl records and CDs my collection is tiny. I know that's an extreme example but that's my alibi &  I'm sticking to it. The defense rests my Lord.


The first storage solution I tried was a lovely piece of hand made furniture which would hold 1300 records. It arrived in flat pack which usually for me ensues a hellish afternoon filled with very rude language & the throwing of tools in fits of anger. What it does to my Wife's nerves is not worth think about!!

This one was an exception. It was easy to build & only took me 4 hours.Result. The only problem with it was it should have been fixed to the wall but as we live in rented accommodation I had to forgo that choice. It looked good & all seemed well. After a few weeks I could hear it straining every time I put new album on its shelf's. When I looked closer it was in fact pulling itself apart. I put this down to it as mentioned not be attached to wall & most definitely, 100% not down to my masterful D.I.Y. skills.

The next option was something I spotted on Esty which filled my desire to replicate a record store in my own home. I was bit cautious & ordered one that would hold 50 records & crossed my fingers. It turned up 6 months later & I had to pay customs £25 to boot!!!  It was OK but it wasn't going to do.

Next My Wife spotted an English company called I-Cube that made individual cubes in a variety of colors. They looked Lovely & I picked a double cube red interior & white exterior which would hold 200 L.P.s If it was  suitable It would be the solution. Sigh....

I had to chase them via email to find out where it was after a month. Their reply was as they are hand built the turn around was 8-10 weeks. It turned up two months later.  It was unpainted or varnished on the exterior, just raw wood. Grrrrr! Well that's another option  not exactly living up too its promise. So where doe's that leave me? the search for the perfect solution goes on.

The other issue cataloging is much more enjoyable a chore if its even fair to call it that. More like my idea of Heaven. For most Vinyl Collectors this is almost as important as  the records . Be it photographing them & posting in relevant groups on social media. This serves purpose of firstly showing off. "Look what I got!"  but more importantly of  recommending this album or albums to other collectors. or as I call it


I also like to list the band members, track list, producer, art work, label, catalog number & of course  divide everything in to sub-genres. This may seem seriously anal & it most likely is to casual music collectors but is very serious endeavor.

No really.....

To a record collector this a simple version of what our world looks like this.

To everyone else it looks like this:

So you can clearly see they are wrong & I'm right....ahem

I used to just type all this info out & after getting cramp & possible repetitive strain injury I looked for a software alternative & found a company called Colletorz.com who had a program called music collector. It had everything I needed & joy of joy it had virtual shelf's for looking at album art & bar charts. Be still my beating heart. 

I can NOT emphasize enough the importance of pie charts!!!!

Saturday now consists of playing new acquisitions, old favorites & cross referencing them to make sure I have all correct information input in to  my  colletorz software. It's so exciting I'm surprised I can contain myself.

Most importantly & keeps me quiet and out of my most patient wife's  way so she can watch Murder Investigation Channel and old episodes of Master Chef....I don't know what shes planning but I hope it's a meal

I'm almost up to date even with new records being purchased or on order I will eventually catch up. What will I do then? Will I go out & be social? will I actually leave the house at the weekend? Will I see family? a movie? Another Living person?

Ohhhh! I know I will start cataloging0 the 7" inches!

The adventure is never over, the Rabbit Hole only goes deeper.

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