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Record Store Day 2019

So how was it for you? I could not make the traditional queuing at 1a.m. tradition for reasons to boring to go into however a good friend of mine and he said the weather this year (never a good thing in April) was especially brutal in terms of bitter coldness so maybe it was a blessing I couldn't go.

My nearest Record Store is David's Music in Letchworth. This long established haven is every thing an indie store should be. Knowledgeable, Friendly Staff, Great Stock, and just right size. Not to big, not to small.

Unfortunately and much to my shame I haven't been there in quite a while. Partly because of work commitments. Partly because of my geographical situation. To get there I need to catch train to Hitchin. Get off and Wait for another train going other way to Letchworth. It's a bit of a journey.

However it's mainly down to Laziness. On rare occasions I'm not working I just want to decompress, close door and not go out again. I have missed last few record store days through combination of all of this and it looked like I would miss this one too. This was heartbreaking because I really wanted the Groundhogs- Thank Christ for the Bomb (Major Edition).

I sent up distress signal (I begged on Facebook) A gentleman and a scholar David Vale said He would try to get copy for me and we could sort it later!!! I'm not a religious man but


He inboxes me yesterday to say he had it and after thanking him profusely I decided to go to David's on a wim not only to pick up Groundhogs but to soak up atmosphere.

I'm so glad I did.

I trekked over to Hitchin only to discover train to Letchworth was delayed an hour. Outside and grab a bus. I felt the buzz walking in through door. It was busy and after being welcomed like a prodigal son by Staff (which was so nice) I looked at list of what was left of Stock. I always try find something for my Wife so I grabbed copy of Van Morrison-Astral Week Alternative versions "10 and Motorhead picture disc "7s for myself.

David turned up with Groundhogs and after falling to ground to kiss his feet (I actually gave him a hug but you get idea) Himself and other r.s.d. regulars just fell in to deep conversations about record collections. What we have, what is on wish list and on and on. One Gent yesterday told me he has 22 copies of White Album which may seem excessive but to me shows dedication to his obsession and make no mistake we record collectors are obsessive. Why else would you stand outside in arctic weather all night?

After nipping out for quick pint or two I arrived back to a heaving store, for some Live music delivered by ( Drum Roll please) Punk Legends John Ottway and Wild Willie Barrett. To me the true spirit of punk is anyone can do it and these two veterans prove that. The added benefit of knowing each other for so many years is despite being extremely different people the mural (dis)respect meant the banter between them and audience is nothing short of comedy gold.

Musically its fantastic in a ramshackle this could fall apart in mid song kind of way....they were nothing short of genius.

This was my Wife's favorite act as a teenager and she saw them weekly. So I felt duty bound to say hello on her behalf. What a lovely pair of Chaps they were.

Nearly time for me to fly. Said my goodbyes...took 30 minutes then Train home. I've forgotten what a lovely, inclusive day record store day is. I will be at next one but the 1 a.m. start is still debatable. More Importantly it reminded me that


{especially if its pay day :)}

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