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Slift _Levitation Sessions

What a long strange trip the last two years have been. The collapse or rather sudden stop of all live music has seen a seismic change in how we consume music. Venues have closed their doors, some may never open again. Bands and artists that counted on gigs and merch sales have struggled to keep a head above water. The most traditional of music rites the festival has vanished and left a gaping hole in a lot of fans plans.

We are now in a time were live streaming is not a novelty but a new avenue to hear music. Although live music is starting to feel its way back in to the public with download running a pilot mini festival and live tours being slowly but surely booked by bands. However with the difficulties now present with touring outside a bands home country be it visa restrictions or country's moving in and out of lock down seemingly on a whim the live stream is something that may become if not a permanent fixture, a regular one that has

opened another stream of revenue for bands in the underground

Enter Levitation Sessions. Founded in 2008 as Austin Psych Fest, by members of The Black Angels and friends. Renamed Levitation in tribute to the 13th Floor Elevators

It has grown in to an independent cottage industry and have curated Levitation events in France, Chicago and Vancouver . This has expanded in to the Levitation Live streams. A series of live films streamed worldwide and pressed on to vinyl.

Past sessions included Ty Segall, Osees, and Fuzz among others

Which brings us to France's Slift Levitation Session

In 2020 touching on everything from psych to prog to pure freak out noise Slift released an absolute monster of an album in Ummon, with first vinyl pressings quickly selling out and second pressings following suit. A U.K. tour supporting All Them Witches will further raise their profile.

Recorded inside the ultra-high voltage electron microscope at the National Institute of Applied Sciences’s CEMES Laboratory in Toulouse its a visually wonderful setting but how does it measure up as a audio only experience?

Slift Bring it!!!! Big time!!!

Starting with first five songs from Ummon in correct sequence and then play tunes from rest of discography. they extend some of them beyond the running times and stretch and songs at points to almost breaking point . The environment they present these songs allows the echos of an empty space to add another lair of sound to their already complex music

Moving between quite moments to outright sonic attack this is a different type of heavy. There is a weight to this music that goes beyond than machine like riffing and pounding drums. . Finishing with a mammoth eighteen minute version of Lions, Tigers and Bears. brings almost 75 minutes of to a worthy climax and left me wanting more.

Their buzz around this band in psych circles is such that the Levitation Session vinyl release sold out instantly and justifiably as there is a real density to this set that is nothing short of staggering. Its a masterful performance, it delivers in every way

This is a band not afraid to explore the outer and inner spaces of their own music and play with an almost telepathic understanding of where this will take them and ultimately you the listener

I for one cant wait to see where they lead us next.



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